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Apple Predictions, Where I Was Right (and Wrong).

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So, for those of you playing at home, let's see how I did in the iPhone 5 Feature Sweepstakes when it comes to guessing what was going to happen at the Apple Event on Wednesday:

  • 4-inch screen:
    • FAIL. I said that the iPhone 5 wouldn't have this. I failed utterly. Apple shocked me here - I thought for sure that this would be a fragmentation issue for them.
  • Screen resolution:
    • FAIL. This ties in with the screen size.
  • Mini Dock:
    • WIN. I got this right. Apple's shrunk the dock connector, and called it Lightning. Now you have to buy all your accessories over again. AND YOU WILL DO IT WITH A SMILE AND A THANK YOU.
  • iPad Mini:
    • INCONCLUSIVE. Apple didn't release a low-cost, 7” iPad Mini at the event. While this is a partial win, it won't stop them from doing it at a later event. However, they've got the iPod Touch smack in the proposed price bracket. I think as long as the iPod Touch lives, iPad Mini will be stillborn.

So, the tally is two fails, a win, and an inconclusive. Apparently I suck at being a pundit. Oh well, you get what you pay for. ;)