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Productive Easter Sunday

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So, I’m technically “on vacation”, while visiting the inlaws. So far, so good. Even though I had to ride shotgun on a maintenance at work, yesterday was a banner day. I did the following:

  • Slept in til 10
  • Had an amazing brunch cooked by Kelly and her stepmom, Sol (Seriously. Ham, Bacon, Potatoes, Waffles, and Mimosas. Holy. Crap.)
  • Diagnosed the father-in-laws Mac slowness (Yosemite doesn’t like 2GB of RAM - we’re buying more today.)
  • Hung out
  • Took a 2 hour nap
  • Woke up
  • Read Warren Ellis’ latest ORBITAL OPERATIONS
  • Decided to start reading READY PLAYER ONE by Ernest Cline (I can’t believe I hadn’t read it yet)
  • Had an amazing Easter Dinner.
  • Finished reading READY PLAYER ONE (forgot how fast I can devour a book if left to my own devices!)
  • Pondered writing more.

Perhaps even more importantly for my writing, I remembered I had a tumblr, and I started thinking about short-form writing (Twitter), medium-form brain-dripping dump (Tumblr), and long-form writing (my blog), and how I’ve been using - or not using - them as tools. As a result, I may write more short little things. Curious if anyone will read them - if you will, drop me a tweet.

I keep talking about writing more, but sporadically actually DO it. I love the act of juggling words in my head and committing them to “paper” – but right now it seems I spend so much time doing work and family that there’s little time for this kind of thing. I know, I just need to MAKE more time for it.

At any rate, Easter was a pretty nice day, between time with family and chill out time. Need more of this.