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Outdriving Our Headlights

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So, I’m sitting here… just goofing around with the ZAGG pocket keyboard, my phone, and my favorite text editor. I’m thinking that this is pretty neat, and past-me from ten years ago would have killed for a pocketable setup like this. A multi-processor computer with a tremendous amount of storage and a world-wide information network all in my pocket. It really is living in the future.

Living in the future. Think about that for a second.

Warren Ellis has said we view the present through a rear view mirror, always looking backward. That’s true, but we CAN look down at our instrument panel, and see how fast we’re going… and when we’re really lucid and on top of our game, we can see out as far as our headlights reach. Those moments don’t come often, but that’s where inspiration and innovation are. Out there, in the dark, just at the edge of our headlights.

That’s where I want to be.