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Introducing #FlashbackFriday! Might as Well Go for a Soda...

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I’m instituting a new feature on the blog here today – #FlashbackFriday. What is #FlashbackFriday? Well, it’s nothing more than a nugget of memory, from either the 70s, 80s, or maybe even the 90s. I’m going to warn you now, though, that this may get rather obscure from time to time – so just hang on and enjoy the memories. Hopefully these little memory snippets will jog your own memories, faithful reader.

So, we are going to kick off #FlashbackFriday with something really obscure: Kim Mitchell’s tune from 1985: Go For Soda. I heard this recently on XM Radio’s 80s channel, and for about four minutes and nineteen seconds it was like everything about 1985 exploded in the cockpit of my car. Since I’m a complete jerk, I’m going to share that love with you right now…


You watched that all the way through, right? Seriously, there is so much 80s in this video, that my shirt spontaneously changed its color to pastel pink and my collar unpopped itself. Make sure you watch till the end – they actually named the primary special effect in the video “SodaFlex”. Wow.

I can hear you all now, though: “Bill, I NEVER heard that song and I was so 80s my Izod gator had an Izod shirt on.” Well, that song was a number one hit in ‘85… in Canada. So there. It was also used in an episode of Miami Vice, which is probably where my malleable teen brain picked it up. According to Wikipedia, it was also used by a Mr. Pibb commercial, so that proves there’s no accounting for taste… but it wouldn’t surprise me if that song made its way into the recesses of my teen brain via ONE of those paths, and all it took was one errant play from XM Radio to bring it bubbling back up to the surface like last night’s pizza.

The best part about this is that this song is such an infectious earworm that it’s now gotten into Conner’s head. I’ve caught him humming it around the house and a new generation of 80s appreciation begins. :)