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Making Memories...

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I’m sitting here with my son, watching ”Tales of the Gold Monkey” on DVD with my son, and it strikes me (not for the first time) that making memories is awesome.


I watched this show with my granddad and dad when I was about the same age as Conner, and it stuck with me to the point where I bought it on DVD so I could do the same with my son. Of course, the airplane in it (a Grumman Goose) doesn’t hurt much either, particularly after he and I went to the Watsonville Air Show yesterday.

Making memories is more than just watching 80s TV shows and going to air shows, though. It’s about spending time. It’s why I try to make time with both kids – even if it’s just helping Gillian with her Spanish homework, taking her to get an ice cream,or building some Lego thing with Conner.

The tough part is MAKING the time. Actually setting aside things that are screaming at you like pagers, Blackberries, iPhones, and the like so you can make a memory isn’t easy – particularly when you work in tech. I’m not perfect at this by a long shot – heck, I’m scribbling the idea of this post while I watch TV with my kid – but I do what I can.

Gotta go, gotta make the most of the time I have before bedtime. :)

PS: Just jotted down the idea for this while watching TV with the kids… and waited until everyone was in bed to actually flesh out the post and get it down. Had to sit through one of those “ghost reality” shows with G, but it wasn’t all bad as she does the MST3K thing with it. :) I’m not new to being a dad, but I’m still learning how to make better use of my time.

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