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Ubuntu's New Shiny Update-manager

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So, I’m here at the house, looking at one of my breezy boxes, and I figure, “Hey, I wonder how that new graphical upgrade manager thing works.” For those not in the know, the Ubuntu update manager program has been modified to allow you to graphically upgrade from one Ubuntu version to another (in this case; breezy -> dapper).

I’ve followed the process defined “gksudo update-manager -d” and sure enough, I got all the graphical stuff that appears on Daniel’s blog (linked above). The process is running now, and seems to have 1 hour 6 minutes remaining.

One important thing to note: once the process finishes downloading all the packages, and begins installing them, you probably want to click on the “terminal” button to drop down the terminal output of the dist-whiprushW dist-upgrade process. On my box, it was waiting for me to answer a couple of reconfiguration questions around exim and a couple of other packages - if I wouldn’t have done that the update manager would have sat there indefinitely, awaiting my command.

However, this seems pretty damn cool, though. Kudos to the Ubuntu team!