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Results of GUI Upgrade

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Went fairly smooth - considering this was a Warty -> Hoary -> Breezy box, and now it’s Dapper.

Things I had to do manually:

  • apt-get –purge remove my old custom builds of NetworkManager
  • X was broken, but I had no problems running “dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg” to reconfigure X - it came up in 3D accelerated mode just fine after that.
  • I had to manually apt-get install the latest kernel - might have been due to some goofy kernel stuff I had done on my own.
  • Due to the kernel upgrade, I had to reinstall VMWare Server.

That’s it. Nice job, folks - was a very easy upgrade, all in all - makes me confident I can upgrade my main machine (the FujiP) without a hitch. :)