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Are There No New Ideas in Hollywood Anymore?

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I was just trying the mplayer plugin for mozilla/firefox on the apple.com trailer site and noticed this trend. People talk about how there are no new ideas in Hollywood anymore, but I never really paid attention until now. This list is from a quick 2 minute scan of apple.com/trailers.

The DaVinci Code - based on the book Yours, Mine, & Ours - a remake of the Henry Fonda/Lucille Ball movie V for Vendetta - based on the comic book X3 - Sequel #3 Poseidon - based on the original Poseidon Adventure movie, which was also remade for TV recently Ice Age 2 - sequel Superman Returns - Sequel number, what…. 5? The Pink Panther - remake of the classic Peter Sellers movie Aeon Flux - remake of the animated MTV series King Kong - remake of a remake Final Destination 3 - sequel Mission: Impossible III - sequel Miami Vice - remake of the TV series Pirates of the Caribbean 2 - sequel Chronicles of Narnia - based on the book

Ridiculous, if you ask me. Oh sure, as a card-carrying geek I’ll probably see Superman Returns, X3, and Pirates 2. But damn, a third Poseidon Adventure? Let it die already.