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The End of TechTV?

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Leo LaPorte (formerly of the TechTV show “The ScreenSavers” is reporting that the entire staff of TechTV has been fired.

This is following Comcast/G4’s purchase of TechTV. Some of the people, it seems, are being given the option to relocate to LA, but it seems likely that many will flat out be let go.

This is SO WRONG on so many levels. TechTV in its current form is pretty damn good TV. The on-air personalities actually have personalities, and the shows themselves have been around long enough to work out all the bugs and gain a following. I’ve seen G4 and frankly, it sucks compared to TechTV - TechTV covered just about everything tech, and did a pretty good job overall.

Way to go, Commie-cast. Congrats on fucking up a perfectly good thing.