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How to Break Movable Type Without Even Trying.

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Y’know, when things are going SO well, and you never have to reboot/rework/redo/rehash any of your stuff, including your blog, you get complacent.

In my case, I completely forgot that this little server has a TINY (3GB) root partition. And guess where the BerkeleyDB that backs the Movable Type system is stored? Yep, in a subdir of root.

So… what happens when the root partition fills up due to inetd logs not rotating? I’ll tell you… BerkeleyDB has a shit fit, that’s what happens. So I tried recovering the DB, and got quite a bit of it (basically, every bit of this blog). What got lost: the contents of my mblog. I still have the pix on the filesystem, but whatever text I sent is gone. Oh well. At least I was able to recover all the posts for this blog. Live and learn, I guess.