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Not Dead!

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I just realized I haven’t posted here since AUGUST. Jeez. I get one little disease and completely fall off the internet…

Been hanging out on the social media thing slightly more sporadically than I’ve been blogging, but even that’s not much. Heck, I’ve even fallen out of the habit of journalling, and that takes almost no time at all. Well, fear not, dear readers… (hopefully there are more out there than one of you!) – I’ve got at least three blog ideas written down, and I’m feeling the urge to spill my grey matter out over these virtual pages again.

So if you’ve missed me spouting my particular brand of nonsense, you don’t have long to wait. And if I don’t make good on that promise, just give me no end of shit on any of the networks I hang out on. Please. Someone’s gotta keep me honest.