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Textastic Templates

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So, I’ve got to drop a quick little plug here for Textastic. It’s a GREAT text editor, available on Mac and iOS (though there are separate versions for iPhone and iPad). If you do ANY coding or writing, this is the app to get, in my opinion. I use it on my Mac and iPad now as my go-to editor when I really need to sit down and write, though it’s got a lot of great syntax highlighting capability that I have yet to actually utilize.

A great tip about Textastic, though, is you can add templates to it via a “snippet” system. If you’ve used TextMate, it’s the same type of system. You construct a JSON file that you stick in a #Textastic/Templates folder, and then Textastic can pick it up and you can base new files off of it.

It took me a few minutes to wrap my head around this, but once I did I was able to construct a Textastic template to create a new Octopress blog post. Each Octopress blog post has some YAML-like headers at the top, and being able to automatically construct that, and have the ability to just tab from field to field and fill in the variables is a nice time-saver – particularly if I’m insane enough to compose a blog post on my iPhone.

If you use Textastic at all, check out templates – it’s powerful mojo.