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So, I attended the #ADNHackathon yesterday, at WeWork SOMA in San Francisco. If you know me at all, you know that I am NOT a city boy at all – I find the concrete canyons absolutely unnerving. Not being able to see the mountains to navigate freaks me out – and there are just too many different people there, if you get my drift.

For example, I’m usually “greeted” upon my arrival in the city by a bum relieving himself in the curb (I’ve seen both #1 and #2, and… yucko.) Apparently I got upgraded, because I got flipped off by a naked guy on a ten-speed bike. Awesome. Only in San Francisco…

Anyhow, parked the car at the giganto Fifth and Mission parking structure, mainly because I know how to get in and out of that thing, and walked the four blocks down to WeWork. Got greeted at the door by Andrew, Operations Engineer extraordinaire – he was playing bouncer. I sure hope someone kept that poor guy caffeinated.

On the way in, I saw a message from Brandon Mathis, lead dev of the blog engine I use to power this blog (Octopress). He needed a Mac Power Adapter, so I swung by my office briefly and picked up a spare – then sat next to him and chatted a bit. Really nice guy, and he’s been very helpful with getting things dialed in on Octopress – he even gave me a neat Octopress sticker, which now graces my Chromebook.

Met Paul Schifferer, and had a great chat with him – was great to put a name to a face!

Saw Steve Streza and his Google Glass. There were a couple other guys with Glass wandering around too. Strangely want one, but know that it’s the kind of thing I should never, ever try.

The architect of the whole thing, Dalton Caldwell, was wandering about, chatting with developers and getting to know folks. Was going to say hi but he looked like he was in deep conversations, so I didn’t bug him.

Spent about ten minutes chatting with Bill Kunz about his app, Felix. Awesome app and was a great chat with him. He’s doing some great work, and really pushing people’s ideas of how a user interface should behave.

Suffice it to say that I’ll be attending the next hackathon, if my schedule allows. A great time, all in all. Took a few photos of the trip, too, so I’m tossing them in here.

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