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WebOS, Please Don't Die Entirely

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So, looks like the root SSL certificates that power all of the WebOS software updates and app stores are going to expire in a couple of months. WebOS cert notice page

I’m mildly concerned about this, but I’m not sure why. I do have a Pre 2 and an HP TouchPad, but I rarely use them now. If HP decides not to renew the certificates (and push the necessary software update before the certs expire), then the units basically become frozen in time. They’re not state-of-the-art anymore, but they are cool devices nonetheless.

I suppose part of the reason this bugs me is that it’s the real beginning of the end for WebOS. WebOS has been on lifesupport for a long time, barely hanging by a thread, but this is the first tangible sign that the end isn’t far off. WebOS is a great example of an excellent idea that’s been passed over, and that just saddens me. I’m not a fan of a duopoly market, and that’s what we mostly have now in the mobile space with Android and iOS (despite the fact that I do like iOS devices a lot). WebOS was a great, open, standards based alternative to the other mobile solutions, and it’s looking like it’s going to go out with a whimper, not a bang.

HP, if you see this, don’t let WebOS die. Just roll a quick update and get it out there. The goodwill that you’ll get from the fans of WebOS might just be worth it.