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Planning, Planning, Packing...

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So, it’s summer time, and that means a summer trip. Getting ready for lift-off tomorrow, we’re headed to San Diego to go play in the sun and wander around our old college stomping grounds.

Getting all the things together, including the gadgets for the family. Being a pro geek, I can’t fully unplug, and that disease is infecting the family too. But it’s all good, we’re going to have a lot of activities going on out in the sun. Got a new ScottEVest (the Tropical Jacket) so I can cram my pockets full of nerdy goodness. Happy Father’s Day to me! :)

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the change of venue, and looking forward to spending a lot of time with the family. Work’s been chewing up a bunch of time lately, and it will be great to get back down to earth for a week. I’ll probably be trip logging a bit and sending pics all over, so stay tuned to this space for more. :)