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On Outboard Brains and the Like...

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Warren Ellis frequently signs blog post with “sent from my outboard brain”. As I sit in the mall, waiting for Kelly to shop, what Warren means by this is sinking in.

Our mobile devices have become our “outboard brains” – extensions of our social networks and our thoughts. I’m composing this on my iPhone 3GS and for the first time in a long while I find myself pondering the confluence of technologies that allow my words to reach your brain.

The technology behind all this is indeed staggering, but what really bakes my noodle is the ease with which us meatbag humans have accepted and embraced it. Nowadays if you don’t have some kind of mobile device, people look astounded at you, as if you’re some kind of luddite or social pariah.

And heaven forbid if you’ve got a device that’s a little bit old. Fashion is now starting to drive technology, with interesting and unpredicted results.

I don’t know where all this will end, but the ride will certainly be interesting. I welcome further versions of my “outboard brain” with open synapses.

Now it’s time to stow my outboard brain, as my lovely wife has completed her economic stimulus of this store. Off we go…

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