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Billlix 0.24 Released!

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Ok, y’all. It’s only several months behind, but I have released Billix 0.24 – the “Pull My Finger” edition! (a tribute to Jerry Jalava and his amazing USB finger). Here’s some of the changes I made to it..

Billix 0.24 - "Pull my finger!" (Tribute to Jerry Jalava and his USB finger)
Removed Ubuntu Gutsy (7.10)
Added Ubuntu Intrepid (8.10)
Updated CentOS 5 to Centos 5.2
Updated CentOS 4 to Centos 4.7
Updated Fedora to Fedora 10
Removed Debian Sarge
Added Debian Lenny (5.0)

Y’all can get it from Sourceforge. Have a good one!