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My Twitter Ramblings for the Week...

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  • Blargh. Stupid flu meds keeping me awake. Amuse me, Twitter. #
  • I want my hour back. I feel ripped off. #
  • One good thing about daylight savings time: driving home to a nice sunset. :) #
  • Y’know, Boston’s “Long Time” may be one of the best songs for a drive home *ever*. #
  • Hometime. Kidtime. Foodtime. :) #
  • Well, that was fun. Just had a beatup Corolla stay next to me for two miles… *with his horn stuck on*. Someone fix that for him pls. #
  • Burger King. Joy. All brain cells clogged by JabbaGoo. #
  • I swear, I’m retarded. It took me ages to “get” Twitter. Now I can’t wrap my head around Tumblr. Where the hell is my vi? :wq! #
  • am noticing a theme with tweets from @farwyde tonite. Or is it me? #
  • ok, its kid bed time. Out for a bit. :) #
  • Just finished at the chiropractor. Chiro + massage = happy wildbill. #
  • RT @linuxjournal: Linux Journal Announces “Rebuilding the World with Free Everything”, a SxSW Interactive Panel http://is.gd/mU2N #
  • Oh Hell YES. Found a Diet Lemon Snapple in the fridge. Perhaps after I pump that into my veins I’ll feel more… human. Doubtful tho. #
  • Trying DestroyTwitter. Dunno what I think of it yet, though I do know I’m tired of TweetDeck dying all the time. #
  • OK, if I am *EVER* this retarded, just shoot me. With one of my own guns. PLEASE. Guy tweets about house breakin: http://is.gd/mTwN #
  • Just got home, yay. :) watching phineas and ferb with Mini-Me. #
  • Streaming via Qik, right NOW! [qik] - Conner flying a havoc heli http://qik.com/video/1216937 #
  • Watching “The Last Boy Scout”. Holy crap was Halle Berry *young*. #
  • Holy cow. What did they put in that decongestant? I feel like I drank a bottle of rum. #
  • On mornings like this, when I’m trapped in the car, I idly wonder if there would be any interest in live streaming my commute. Truman show? #
  • I just heard an In-N-Out commercial on the radio. Now I want a Double Double, animal style. Dammit. #
  • Aw, my mint laid an egg. http://twitpic.com/217rg #
  • OK, Twitter. You get to decide my lunch today. Sandwich or burger? #
  • Speaking of Roombas, does anyone know where to find an inexpensive APS battery for a Roomba? Mine’s toast and I need a new one. #
  • OK, sammich won this round. Going to get fud now. #
  • No wonder I don’t feel right. I realized I haven’t had any caffeine yet today. How did that happen? Fail. #
  • Sammich procured. Returning to the mothership for noms. #
  • OK, Twitter. I’m heading home. Got a commute buddy tonite, so I’ll be flying low in the carpool lane. Whoohoo! #
  • Wow. Tonights kick butt commute brought to you by Golden Earring’s Radar Love. http://twitpic.com/21mkt #
  • Gearing up for Mini-Me’s first grade assembly… Mardi Gras. Should be interesting. #
  • Stopping for a donut. NoseJabba is demanding food or he threatens to drown me. #
  • Camcorder ready. DSLR ready. Yes, I have become one of “those” dads. I don’t care either. :) #
  • RT @jnassi: Project Gummi Bear for March 13th is up! http://gummibear.tumblr.com #gummibear – awesome gummi today!!!! #
  • Holy crap. I drank *five* coke zeros today? Working from home messes my rhythm up. I don’t think I moved from by desk all day. #fatass #
  • Everyone tweeting about #bsg has me baffled. I lost interest at season 3. #fail #
  • Watching Zoolander. Jeez, this movie is hysterical. OBEY MY DOG! #
  • OK Tweeps. It’s sleep time for me #
  • Debating upgrading my jailbroken phone from 2.2 to 2.2.1. Dunno if I want the headache. #
  • Where’s Conner? Reading in his sister’s closet, of course. [?] #
  • All iPhone tweeps – I’ve been stupid and not syncing playlists and media to it, just dragging and dropping. Is there a way to back that up? #

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