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Upgraded to Edgy Eft, and Got EVDO Working...

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Well, I bit the bullet last night and upgraded the X60 (and the older FujiP) to Edgy Eft. The upgrade went perfectly, except both boxes got weirded out over the firestarter firewall package. Wasn’t a tremendously bad deal, all I had to do was remove firestarter and reinstall it, but still… oh well, at least I didn’t whiprush both boxes.

Got EVDO going on the new kernel as well, it was as easy as getting the source, copying the config from /boot into the kernel src directory, and running make modules. Then I stuck the new usbserial.ko module into the /lib/modules/2.6.17-10-generic/kernel/drivers/usb/serial directory, and it JustWorked(TM). I should probably package-ize that module, but I’m too lazy and overloaded to work on figuring that piece out right now. Feel free to grab my kernel module and do the same, if you’re running 2.6.17-10-generic. I used the same patch as last time if you want to build it yourself. Have fun!