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WTF?!?! If I Wanted to Run Something Like Safari, I'd Buy a Mac!

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Looks like the Firefox developers, in their infinite wisdom, moved the “close tab” widget from the right side of the tab bar (where it’s been FOREVER) to the right of each tab. Now you can close a tab just by clicking on its own close widget.

W.T.F.?!? This is the same retardedness that Safari demonstrates. If I wanted that, I’d buy a freaking Mac. Why would you move a widget that people have used hundreds of times a day, for years? Not only do I have to retrain myself, but if I have a shitload of tabs open then it’s potentiallly hard to hit the right widget.

Well, I don’t have to retrain myself, it seems that the FF devs included the old behavior there too, it’s just not enabled by default. If you go to about:config, select browser.tabs.closeButtons, set it to 3, and close the window, Firefox will pick up the old way of doing things. Too bad they didn’t make that the default… not all change is for the better.