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Hey, This X60 Is Kinda Nice... BOOM!

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Yippee. I finally get the X60 all dialed in and working in a mostly-stable fashion, and I find out Lenovo’s got a battery recall going, just like Apple and these Dells. Even scarier, Alan Cox’s Thinkpad saw all the cool kids blowing up and decided to go boom too.

It looks like my battery’s serial number isn’t in the affected range, even though it’s one of the affected models. Sony cells and everything… I’ve tried calling IBM Lenovo to see if I could get confirmation that this unit’s not gonna fry my nuts off or asplode in my backpack or anything else equally retarded… but of course, they’re experiencing “higher than average call volume”. Sigh.

Anyhow, if you’ve got a later model Thinkpad, go check your batteries right now. The next asplosion could be your own.