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NetworkManager Woes

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All of a sudden, N-M quit working on my freshly-upgraded FujiP. Woe was me, until I started debugging. It was weird, N-M wouldn’t even SEE the wifi device, though it would work on the wired device. I could run “iwlist eth1 scanning” and see access points, so it wasn’t a hardware or driver issue. All I did was quit nm-applet, kill NetworkManager, and then run NetworkManager from within a terminal (as root). Saw that the NetworkManager process could see eth1 and manage it, then moved on to running nm-applet from within a terminal (as myself). I saw that there was an error message being barfed to the terminal about “too many entries” or something (I should have written it down for posterity, but I was on a roll, so I didn’t). With that bit of info, I went digging in regedit gconf. I found that I had over 200 “cached” ESSIDs in system/networking/wireless/networks. I killed those cached ESSIDs, and rebooted. BOOM. It all worked again, and all is now right with the world.