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Rolled a New NetworkManager Package...

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Rolled a new NM package today. It’s not the 0.5.0 package - it’s still 0.4.1, but I made a couple of minor improvements that were requested…

  • Jorge Castro mentioned that the version was the same as the one in universe, and update-manager kept wanting to overwrite it. I incremented the version “-ubuntu5” and added “-nobind1” to people know that this version’s build without bind support.

  • Oliver Gerlich mentioned that “/etc/dbus-1/events.d/25NetworkManager still tries to use the user and group “bind”; this fails on systems where bind was never installed.” I changed the group to “dhcp” at his suggestion. ** UPDATE: rolled a dhcdbd package – this one required a “bind” user to be on the system when installed. My dhcdbd changes that user from bind to dhcp.

Get the packages: NetworkManager libnm-glib libnm-glib-dev dhcdbd