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Testing U-Blog

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I’m testing a palm-based blog client – U*Blog – while I’m waiting for the doctor. Not that I’m terribly sick today, but I’m not feeling all that well either. Last time I ignored these symptoms; I came down with pneumonia. That’s an experience I don’t care to repeat… Ick.

Anyway, U*Blog appears to be a pretty nifty blog client. It supports image attachments, multiple blogs, and all the Movable Type XML-RPC stuff (one day I’ll get around to migrating from MT 2.661, but not today…)

Using this in conjuction with the lifedrive and the Palm Wireless Keyboard is pretty nice as well. I can type almost as fast on this as I can on my fujip, and the whole setup disappears into a couple of cargo pockets. I have used the lifedrive, keyboard, and bluetooth enabled cellphone to ssh into work systems in a pinch, now I can blog from this setup too. Nifty.