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Fuck Maxtor.... Again.

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Wow, three posts with “fuck” in the title. I think that’s a new record. If you read this; sorry Mom, but I am REALLY pissed about this.

I already ranted about my first 200GB Maxtor disk having trouble. I was able to bring it back from the dead, though - and started getting ready to RAID it and the 250GB Maxtor disk I have. I fired up the RAID util in OS X last night and went to bed with the happy “RAID Rebuilding” message…

This morning, I checked the RAID status. “RAID Online” was what I got. All right. I double-clicked on the array, and what do my shocked ears hear? Click-click-clunk-whirrr… click-click-clunk-whirrr… over and over from the 250GB disk. Deep sigh from me, but I’m not too freaked – all my data is finally safe on the 200GB disk and on the 160GB RAID-5 array my Linux server has.

Fast forward to 2pm today, when I finally get around to calling Maxtor. I go through their phone tree and finally get a warm body after about 40 minutes of messing around with the retarded auto attendant. She asks for the serial number of the drive and I happily give it to her, thinking I’m on my way to a refurb’d or replaced disk. She puts me on hold… then about five minutes later comes back and asks, “Where did you buy this disk?” I reply with, “From an auction at my daughter’s school - it was new in the shrinkwrap and everything.” She reponds, “That explains it. This serial number is shown as donated – there’s no warranty for this item.” I immediately go apoplectic… “I bought the thing in MAY!!! I have DATA ON THIS DISK!” She says, “Well, we can’t warranty it because our company donated it.” I go into full fuck-it mode, and reply, “Well, if I can’t talk to a supervisor or someone who can help me, this will be my last Maxtor purchase.” She replies with, “That’s OK sir. I hope you have better luck elsewhere.” THEN SHE HANGS UP.

I am DONE with Maxtor. What they don’t know is I manage ~200 servers, and each one has several disks. As they fail, I will be replacing them with anything BUT Maxtor disks. Who wants to join my Maxtor boycott?