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New blog entry. Yay.

Got a modded Xbox. Man, is that thing fun… not only can I watch all the MPEG-4 videos I have (Battlestar Galactica, anyone?) but I can also play kick butt games like Burnout 3 and BloodRayne 2. How cool is that? This’ll make archiving stuff off the TiVo better too - I can use my TurboNET card to suck the TiVo stream off and re-encode it to MPEG-4 and stick it on my server, and use the Xbox to play it back. Sweet.

Car update.
The dealer has ordered a shortblock for my car, as they still can’t diagnose the noise it’s making. To my knowledge, they have not yet checked the driveplate/clutch assembly like I requested. Oh well, new engine for me, I guess - there’s no way I’m taking the old one now, as they’ve removed the rod caps, piston/rod assemblies, and torn the head apart. *sigh* I miss my car.

Public Speaking
I just got back from a work convention, where I spoke on SSL and Certificates. That was actually more fun than I expected. I need to do more of that.

Head, anyone?
Ken says he’s finallly gotten round to getting the hackergotchi heads on Planet all working. Let’s see if my magnificence shows through. :)