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Merry Christmas... To ME!

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Well, it’s a little bit of an early Christmas for me, got my hands on a factory Navigation system for my car. :) Pretty cool unit, it’s got all the whizbang features a geek like me could want. However, the single spindle DVD drive in it means that I can’t listen to Audio CDs whilst using the Nav system, so that means that my project for an iPod interconnect for the factory style radio is becoming more urgent. :)

Without further delay, here are some pics.

Here’s the nifty Dodge logo the unit displays when you turn the ignition on. However, not long after that a lame “be careful while driving” warning comes up. Oh well.

Here’s the “address” screen - note my local, favorite, wifi-enabled coffee house is on the list. :)

Here’s the map display.

Here you can see a close up of “gotta turn here” screen.

Another map shot, along with a route displayed (blue line).

Last, the unit DOES have a radio. :)