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Getting GPRS and Bluetooth Running Under Ubuntu/Debian (AT&T Wireless Service Provider)

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For some time now, I’ve had an Ericsson T616 cellphone with Bluetooth and GPRS service. I’ve been using the GPRS service with my Powerbook (built-in bluetooth is great) - but I have been wanting to get it running under Linux so I can use it with my FujiP (which will be the topic of a future post when I’ve got lots of spare time.)

So, without further blathering on my part, here’s what I did to get GPRS and Bluetooth working under Ubuntu Linux. What you need: Ubuntu or Debian Linux equipped machine Bluetooth USB Dongle (I have a D-Link DBT-120) XDialog package (just apt-get install xdialog) These files courtesy of a Knoppix CD: modemlink gprs gprsconnect How to get it working: 1) Insert your bluetooth dongle into the USB port. Ubuntu should pickup on it and auto-insert the kernel modules and get all that stuff rockin’ and rollin’ automagically. Ubuntu is cool that way. 2) Put your cellphone in “Discoverable” mode. 3) Download the three files above and put them in the following locations, with executable permissions: /usr/local/bin/modemlink /usr/local/bin/gprsconnect /etc/chatscripts/gprs 4) Now, as yourself, run the “gprsconnect” script. It’ll ask you if you want to configure a modem device - answer yes. 5) Next, a dialog box asking you to select the type of connection to your device… select bluetooth, which is the last one listed. 6) The script will then scan for discoverable devices in the area. When the scan is complete, you should see any bluetooth devices around you - select your phone and press OK. 7) You will be prompted for a PIN. Keep this to a 4-digit numeric string for use with your cellphone - enter it here, but also be ready to enter it into the cellphone in a step below. 8) The script will ask you if you want to create a symbolic link to /dev/modem. Answer yes. 9) Next, you’ll get a question about your cell provider. Select the last option “Other-INIT string”. Click on OK. 10) The modem initialization string will pop up. Replace the “internet” with “proxy” for use with AT&T Wireless. Click on OK. 11) You’re ready to get online. The script will ask you if you wish to get online now and start GPRS internet service. Answer yes. 12) A terminal window will popup with the status of the connection. At the same time, your phone should popup a pairing notice and ask you for the PIN. Enter the PIN you provided earlier. Once that’s done, a dialog box will pop up on the computer also asking for the PIN, please re-enter it. 13) You should now be online and see your IP address and DNS settings in the terminal window. To terminate the connection, simply hit ctrl-c from the terminal window. You will get a dialog saying GPRS Disconnected. You are now configured for GPRS access over bluetooth. Yay! Note that the next time you use the connection, much of this will be preconfigured for you - and your phone will have been paired with the PC, so you won’t be asked for a PIN anymore. Also make sure to turn off discoverability on your phone for increased security - now that the phone and PC are paired you won’t have to have it enabled… it should just work.