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Hysterical "Reviews" on Amazon...

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This guy on Amazon.com is hysterical with his product reviews. Take some time and check it out. Example with a kid’s rattle:

I bought my first one a few weeks ago and was quite impressed with the grips, color-coded to clearly distinguish the 6 separate gripping possibilities on an x-y-z pyramidal coordinate configuration (few rattles bother to transcend 2-dimensional space); this is particulary helpful for younger babies, who tend to be awful with spacial cognition. I could easily see the green grip extending outward from me while holding the blue grip with my right and gumming the orange one in my mouth. “Ba!” I thought, pointing in the (relative) direction of the purple grip with sudden alacrity. Reaching for it with my foot I managed to grab on to it by trapping it between my toes and a nearby pantleg without wetting myself.