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Another New Toy...

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I meant to post about this, but got so tied up with work+holidays+pneumonia, I forgot. I now have my precioussss… my preciousssss… an Apple PowerBook 15” with Superdrive. :) Even better: courtesy of my work. I was going to plunk down the coin for it myself until one of the managers told me I could get one for work… so… :) What a nice machine.

My old TiBook/500 was a sweet box, but Apple nailed it with this one. The screen is even more beautiful, the case is very rigid, and fit/finish is perfect. I’m loving this machine - finally having something with a decent video card that supports Quartz OMGEXTEREME!!!111 is amazing. And the SuperDrive? Well, I made a video of the kids and gave DVDs to the grandparents as part of their Xmas gift. How cool is that? I’d never think I’d say it, but I’m … a switcher.