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Roy (of Siegfried and Roy) Gets OWNED by One of His Tigers...

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I may be a crass bastard for saying this, but … these … guys (I use that term loosely, of course) have been making these animals jump through hoops and shit like that for YEARS. Yeah, yeah, they’re the Vega$ favorite. Yeah, yeah, they have done more to save the endangered White Tigers than anyone. Yeah, yeah… no one deserves to be drug off the stage by the throat. OK. But there’s some part of me, deep down, that thinks this is:
1) Ironic as hell.
2) Funny as all get out.

For some reason, I can’t stop smiling as I type this. Images keep flashing thru my mind… Jim Carrey doing his “Siegfried” impersonation in Ace Ventura among them, for some odd reason. I know it’s wrong, but damn…

Oh yeah, and I found the tiger’s side of the story on the web. You be the judge.