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alt.sco.die.die.die, Part Deux

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Arrgh. According to this article at Computerworld, SCO is now printing money. Almost, anyway. Looks like the following shady transaction occured on the market recently:

Canopy Group (SCO’s parent company, a holding company), owns both SCO and Vultus. SCO prints issues more stock and buys Vultus from Canopy, and then turns around and sells it on the market for approximately a $2 million profit.

Sound like a shell game? Yeah, I wish I could move money from one pocket to another like that - put a fifty in one pocket, move it to the other one, and come up with a c-note. Just makes me sick - in the meantime, both SCO and Vultus have employees at some level who are getting screwed. Anyone have any other stories like this?