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More Fuckwittery From SCO...

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SCO-shoot-foot Bruce Perens rides to the rescue again. He’s debunked two key pieces of “evidence” that SCO says proves their case that the Linux developers copied code, line-for-line, from UnixWare to Linux.

Even Linus is getting into the act. From eWeek
eWEEK: For its part though, SCO has said that there are so many lines of code, and a variety of applications and devices that use that code, that simply removing the offending code would not be technically feasible or possible and would not solve the problem. Do you agree?

Torvalds: They are smoking crack. Their slides said there are [more than] 800,000 lines of SMP code that are “infringing,” and they are just off their rocker. The SMP code was written by a number of Linux people I know well (I did a lot of the SMP IRQ scalability myself, personally), so their claims are just ludicrous. And they claim they own JFS [journaled file system technology] too. Whee. They’re not shy about claiming ownership of other people’s code—while at the same time beating their breasts about how they have been wronged. So the SCO people seem to have a few problems keeping the truth straight, but if there is something they know all about, it’s hypocrisy.

Ha ha ha… “They are smoking crack.” I love it. I’m telling ya, kiddies, short SCOX stock right now, while you can. If I had two nickels to rub together, I would.