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Work, Work, Work... Nah.

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Well, here I am in my new office, and I just can’t get really fired up about work. I’ve updated some things, and gotten all the “hot” stuff done, but I keep finding myself being distracted. Could it be the Dr. Phil on the TV? Nah. The iPod is acting as an anti-Phil field. The teeny boppers coming into the place in the short shorts? Nah, I’m married and they’re too damn young. Mebbe I need a vacation. Yeah, a for-real vacation. That’d be great. Yeah. Right. Jebus, I can’t even get fired up about a vacation. Well, I’m gonna post this before the TiBook battery dies, and then I’ll pop another battery in it and see how much “work” I can get done before I either have to:
1) Go Home
2) Run out of battery again and:
3) See step 1.