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Jabber Is Teh Win. Clients on MacOS Have Been Teh Suck, Till Now...

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I dig Jabber. We use it almost exclusively at work… and I maintain my own Jabber server on this box here - it’s too great a tool to not have my own instance of it. Anyway, since I turned “gay” by switching to the Mac I have been pretty bummed out about the lack of a decent Mac jabber client…

My needs are pretty specifc. I REQUIRE SSL support - this is a full stop, without it, forget the whole thing. Gotta have the “MUC” chat features for multi-user chats. It’s gotta be easy to create profiles for, because I need to connect to the work server and my own server. And it’s got to be stable. I’ve found it in the Tk/Tcl client Tkabber. Tkabber requires the Tk/TCL libraries for the Mac, but that’s an easy package install. Once that’s done, Tkabber runs without a hitch.

Nitro, when complete, will also be a great client. It already supports SSL and profiles, but doesn’t have MUC capabilities yet.

PSI, while a great client on Windows and Linux, kinda sucks on the Mac. Everytime I run it on my Cube or TiBook, the OS will hard lock up after about 20 minutes of use. Haven’t been able to debug it. And it only happens while PSI is running.

If you haven’t fooled with Jabber, go for it. It’s great.