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Switching to Mac... Gay, or Not Gay?

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Well, I’m beginning the switch to Mac (I’m buying a used PowerBook G4), and, as detailed here, it kinda feels like “coming out of the closet”. I mean, all these years I’ve been tweaking this, overclocking that, installing Gentoo, tweaking USE variables, etc… and my bud Chris tells me, “I wanna sell my old PowerBook. Why don’t you take it for a test drive? Use it for a while, and if you like it, then pay me.” Bastard.

What I had no idea of knowing was that OS X is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for all this time. I mean, I work on UNIX (I work for Sun Microsystems) all day long, so I dig UNIX, and Linux is cool and all that, but all the time I spent tweaking my Linux install and farting around with trying get things JUST RIGHT is all done in OS X.

Example: I spent three days compiling the Bluetooth stack for Linux and writing scripts to get the thing working with my Ericsson T68i so that I could surf the net using the cellphone as a modem. I just plugged the USB dongle (aside, people call them “buttplugs” now. Get it? Bluetooth, BT, plug… BT-plug… nevermind.) into the damn PowerBook and it came right up, and found the cellphone. I paired it, and it was ready to rock. Unbelievable. Three days of work in Linux compressed to three minutes. Thanks, Steve.

And speaking of Steve, the RDF (Reality Distorion Field) was strong today - I could feel its radiation all the way down in Santa Clara, even through the protective McNealy field surrounding the office. Apple released the new G5 desktops today, and I must say, they’re pretty swank. Dual 2Ghz on a 1Ghz bus, with floating point scores that spank everything else, and 64-bit to boot. Ouch.

Anyway, I’m kicking this new blog off now. My old site NullDevice.Net just has been stagnating, and it’s news-oriented theme has kinda got me down. Slashdot and the other sites pretty much sew up all that - but I still get the itch to put down thoughts. So, why not have a more conventional blog? Why not, indeed. Think Different.